About us​

  • Kazumi’s Sweets n Treats produces modern cakes that combine’s French techniques produced by a Japanese patisserie.

  • At Kazumi’s Sweets n Treats we use local free range eggs and fruits from country Victoria, mixed with premium quality local sugars, flours and dairy. We also use premium quality Japanese ingredients such as Yuzu, Matcha and Houjicha etc...

  • We proudly deliver the best quality handmade cakes that are naturally free from preservative, artificial colouring and flavours.

  • Our cakes and sweets taste so delicious because we use real butter, real vanilla beans, real ingredients and everything is delicately handmade!!

About Kazumi

We are fully food business licensed under Yarra Range Council.

William Angliss Institute Patisserie Certificate IV 2015

Japanese Traditional Craft Cake Instructor -2017

Complete Bread Master Course in Japan -2005

Complete Cake Master Course in Japan -2005

Our quality

Use Free Range Eggs

We choose free range eggs.

As far as we are concerned whatever the chook eats, we will eat, through the egg.

And may contain:

•Less cholesterol

• Less saturated fat

• More vitamin A

*Compare to caged egg

Use Natural Flavour & Colour

All our sweets made with real ingredients the traditional way without using artificial ingredients.

We trust that the natural flavours and colours improve the taste, and of course quality too.

Free from Preservatives & Additives

Real foods with real flavour and believe rich in nutrients. 

About Japanese Ingredient

Kazumi's Sweets n Treats

Tecoma, VIC Australia



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